Aussie Time Sheets v8.3

Launching July 2018, version 8.0 will see some great improvements to our software.

  • Timesheet Approvals - On Daily and Payperiod view timesheets, Supervisors will be able to electronically sign off their timesheets and lock the data, ready for payroll export!  Crucial update for all Premier users who have multiple Supervisors approving timesheets.
  • PaySync, as per desciption below, PaySync will be released July 1st with Xero AU integration.  Shortly thereafter Xero NZ and MYOB products will be added.  This will also move our current Xero AU API integration out of our ATS software into PaySync, providing a live, updated centralized communication tool between Aussie Time Sheets software and leading cloud payroll applications.

And what's on the horizon for Aussie Time Sheets?

2018 will see industry changing applications released:
  • Enhanced reporting.  New report module being installed, with a clean new report preview interface, ability to directly print, export to PDF, Excel, .csv etc.  Once this new module has been installed look out for new reporting toggles, filters and some brand new reports!
  • PaySync, our cloud payroll API connector app will be released.  All Aussie Time Sheets software will be able to push data to cloud payroll applications through PaySync, with a simple web interface that customers can easily connect and configure themselves.  PaySync will connect via API to every leading payroll application in Australia, with the key players added initially on launch.
  • Aussie Time Sheets - NET.  That's right, our Enterprise level self-hosted web application will launch 4th quarter of 2018.  Powerful award calculations, intuitive staff rostering, plug'n'play time clock connection, employee self-service portals/apps with enhanced dashboards and reporting.  If you have over 100 employees you're going to love this, all at a price point you wont believe.

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