Administrators and supervisors with editing rights can run reports in uAttend.

- A Summary Report will provide you with a high-level view of each department (or all departments). This is useful if you wish to see a total breakdown of hours per department. For more information, see Summary Reports.

- A Timecard Report allows you to view an overview of hours by department or by employee. It also allows you to see the gross pay totals of specified employees. For more information, see Timecard Reports.

- Batch Reports allow you to see the details of timecard data. For more information, see Batch Reports.

- Punch Reports allow you to to view the punch history or locations and times of all punch-ins during the assigned pay period. For more information, see Punch Reports.

  You can run reports on archived users, in addition to active users. From the Employee Type drop-down menu, select ActiveArchived, or Both.