Administrators and supervisors with editing rights can assign users to multiple departments. This is useful for employees who may need to assign their work hours to various departments.

To allow department transfer for an employee, follow these steps:

1.  Click the Users tab on the main menu.

2.  Select the user's name from the list.

3.  Click the Preferences link.

4.  Click the Edit link in the Department Transfer section.

5.  From the drop-down menu, select ON or OFF.

6.  Click Save.

NOTE:  Before the user punches in, they will first press the DT-JT key on the timeclock and scroll to select the department to which they want to assign hours.
If you are using our older CB2000 timeclock, press the F3 button on the timeclock, then enter the department ID and press OK before swiping your card or entering your PIN.