Employees gives you access to all your employees setup, contact, clocking, paycodes and RDO settings.  Here is where you add new staff, archive staff who've left or purge them from the software.

To add an Employee is as simple as pressing the ADD button filling out the necessary information for your employee.

You will also have to assign a department and schedule to the employee for it to activate.

Once you have completed filling out the appropriate information simply just press the SAVE button.

Photos will automatically populate when downloading your employee from a 2018+ model ATS-Face clock.  Alternatively, you can choose to Load and add photos yourself manually.

This solution is referencing the Aussie Time Sheets - Basic | Simple & Premier Time and Attendance Software, for more information please visit: https://aussietimesheets.com.au/pages/basic-simple-time-and-attendance-software or https://aussietimesheets.com.au/pages/premier-time-and-attendance-software-for-sme