If we navigate to the Setup > General > Payroll Settings, we can see the area where we can input the settings that will allow your Aussie Time Sheets software to start talking to your Xero account. There are two things we will need to complete prior to settings these up.

Setting Xero Integration up is a straightforward three step process:

1. Xero > Create A Public/Private Key Combination For Use With Xero 

Creating a public / private key allows us to secure the connection between ATS Basic and your Xero account using encryption.

2. Xero > Linking Your Xero Account To ATS Basic

In this step we create the permissions for ATS Basic to be allowed to communicate with your Xero account.

3. Xero > Configure ATS To Communicate With Xero

In this step we finalize the setup by configuring ATS to point to your Xero account.