Pushing Timesheets To Xero

To your Push Time Sheets out of Aussie Timesheets Basic jump across to the 'Reports' tab, then into the 'Payroll' tab within that. Choose 'Xero' for the export type.

Choose the employees you want to export timesheets for into Xero, select the date range for the pay run you'd like to export (this must match your pay run dates in Xero), then press the 'Show Timesheets' button, a preview of the totals for each item being exported into Xero the 'Show Timesheets' button will turn into a 'Push Timesheets' button. 

The preview window gives you a quick chance to check what you're exporting is as per your expectations before hitting the 'Push Timesheets' button to create the timesheets in Xero as approved ready for your payroll. After selecting the 'Push Timesheets' button, after a few moments, you should receive the message 'Timesheets Created Successfully'.  

Pushing Leave To Xero

Similar to creating your timesheets in the previous step, leave must be exported from Aussie Timesheets Basic into Xero. 

Jump across to the 'Reports' tab, then into the 'Payroll' tab within that. Choose 'Xero' for the export type, select the date range for leave you'd like to export, select the staff on the left-hand side for whom you would like to export leave, then press the 'Show Leave' button, similar to the last step, a preview will come up of the leave available to be exported in that period, on the righthand side of the window you can use the checkboxes to select which of leave needs to be sent from the Aussie Time Sheets program into Xero.

The 'Show Leave' button will have changed into a 'Push Leave' button, which will allow you to finalize the export to create the selected leave in Xero as approved.