The Pay Period Time Sheets is the most effective way to view an employees time sheets for your current pay period. You will need to select the employee you wish to view and choose the specific pay period you want to load. Workforce TNA will load your current pay period by default. Simply click View time sheet to load the Pay Period time sheet. On the Pay Period time sheet you're able add and manipulate clocking's to adjust the time sheets to your particular needs. 

When editing the time sheets you will see icons on the right hand side of the time sheet, 

- Green Plus Icon > Add a time to this shift for that particular day.

- Time Entry > A Pair/Singular clocking/'s for the employee.

You will then have to define if the clocking/'s you're adding is either a In/Out or a form of break clocking which is done adjusting the 'Entry Type'.

Then define the In time or Out time you wish to add.

- Leave Entry > A form of Leave you're adding for the employee.

You will have to define what type of leave you're adding for the employee.

Then define the Date Range the employee is taking the specific leave for and how much hours of leave the employee will need.

Both Time and Leave entries can have a customised Comment added to the entry.

- Orange Recycle Icon > Recycling that specific day's shift will reset the data back to its original form *remove any manual entries* and recalculate and true clocking's.

- Green Tick Icon > If your Workforce TNA has time sheet approvals enabled it will approve that shift/day's time sheet and appear in blue, which makes the time sheet non-editable until unapproved.

- Blue Pencil Icon > Editing existing clocking's for that specific day.

- Red Trash Icon > Deleting the Time/Leave entry for that specific day. (If you accidentally delete a line of data you can click the Orange Recycle Icon to retrieve the data)

- Orange Pencil Icon > Editing the total daily hour for the employee. 

If your Workforce TNA has time sheet approvals enabled you can press the Approve Timesheets icon on the bottom right hand side of the time sheet to approve the whole day.

If the time sheet has already been approved this button will turn into a Unapprove All Timesheets icon which will make the time sheet editable