Locations in WorkForce TNA is used as another tier of grouping.

You'll also be able to group your employee to specific location as well as their departments.

To add a location you'll have to click the add button located at the top right of the  program.

Once you've clicked the add button, Work Force TNA will now display the following screen.

You'll need to Name the Location you're adding for Example: Brisbane Head Office.

You'll also need to adjust the Time Zone to match your Locations Time Zone.

Once you've completed the above steps you can use our Address Lookup to pin point the location and automatically add the below information for you.

Then simply press Save.

If you don't need to use the location anymore you have the option to archive the location which will remote it from the active list.

Time Clocks:

When you've added your Location you will need to specify which Time Clock belongs to which location.

By simply clicking the Select circle which will push your employees list to that Time Clock that also have the location assigned to them in their employee profile.