Employees > T & A  (Time and Attendance) 

In T&A is where you can manage the specific employees information which relates to their time sheets and how their time sheets calculate.


Departments are used to group employees to make it easier for the user to run multiple process in Workforce TNA such as reporting.

On Larger companies this features will be used to limit supervisors/manager logins to only view particular department/employees.


This is where you will need to assign the employee their correct Schedule for which hours the employee will be working.


Locations is where you will need to assign the employee to the clock location. So the system will display their clocking information to the assigned location. Having a location not selected means the employee will not be able to clock from that particular location

Pay codes: 

The Pay code feature in Workforce TNA is only used for exporting to payroll software and only if an employee’s payroll codes are unique to them.

Which you will type their unique code to the appropriate Pay code.


The RDO section is where you will type the employees current RDO balance and the effective date from you’re existing method of RDO calculating  if you’re using the RDO calculation feature in Workforce TNA.