The Who's In dashboard item shows the current status of all employees that the logged in User has access to view.

Pie Graph: On the left it features a pie graph of the percentage of employees that are In, Out or Absent.

Who's in filters: You're able to click the dropdown and filer what you would like to see on the who's in dashboard.

If  you would only like to see who's clock in via the WorkforceTNA application you would only select In - Mobile.

Show Entries: A logged in User has the ability to define the number of employees they want to view in this dashboard item per page, this value is remembered for this particular logged in User.

Search: You can quickly type items to find an exact Employee or Status.  Type 'Luke' will filter and show all employee's with that name.  Type Out and all employees with the Out Status will show.

View Report: This shortcut takes to straight to the Who's In Report and loads the current days data for all employees available to the logged in User.  From there you can quickly print current status.