The Clocking Tab is where you’ll edit information in regards to the employee and how they operate the time clock. 

Clock Password: The employee will be able to user a numerical password to sign in and out of the device.  If the Has Clock Password box is ticket this means the employee already has a password on the device.

Card Number: The employee will be able to swipe a RFID Card in front of the device.

The RFID can come in different forms such as a Card/Badge/Sticker or Bracelet which all have a unique number printed on the RFID Card. To add the number to the software you can type that numbers in this field. If the Card reads 0006749845 for example, you will type 6749845 in this field and ignore the leading zeros in front of the number.

Clock Privileges: By default the employee will be selected as a Normal User, if you change this field to SuperAdmin it will lock the clock menu. So when an the user presses the Menu key it will display a lock which will require the SuperAdmin clocking method to get access to the menu of the device.

Fingerprints: Simply displays if an employee has a fingerprint enroll on the device and how many fingerprints have been enrolled.

Face Scans: Simply displays if an employee has a facial scan enrolled.

Allow Web Clocking: If you tick this box is ticket you’ll be able to type in the password the employee will use to log in with the ATS Employee Portal.

If you require information on how to see the Web Clocking please refer to the Web Clocking solution.

Restrict Web Clocking to Location: This option limits the employee to only be able to use Web Clocking at the assigned Locations.  You can define a location network address at System Settings > Locations.  Once you associate an IP address with the Location, this employee would need to be connected to the local network at the assigned locations to be able to use Web Clocking.