In T&A is where you can manage an employee's time and attendance.

Departments:  Departments are used to group employees to make it easier for the user to run multiple processes in Workforce TNA such as reporting.  Selected Departments are required to be able to limit User logins to only view particular departments/employees.  Employees can belong to multiple Departments, and they will show in lists and reports for each department they are assigned to.

Schedule:  This is where you will need to assign the employee their correct Schedule of work.  The Schedule and it's associated Daily Rules define when an employee should work and how their time will calculate.

Locations:  Each employee needs to be assigned to a location, and an employee can be assigned to multiple Locations.  The employee's details will automatically be sent to every time clock associated with the Locations assigned to the employee.  An employee can then clock in or out from any of those time clocks.

Cost Centre: If the employee will always default to a specific cost-centre you would select the cost centre using the dropdown below.

RDO:  The RDO section is where you will type the employees current RDO balance and the effective date of the balance.  You would enter this data if this employee is accruing RDO/TOIL and has an existing balance before starting to use Workforce TNA.  This data can also be imported en-masse in System Settings > Import Data > Import Employee Data

Pay Period: If an employee is on their own Pay Period that's diffrent to the majority of staff you're able to apply them to their own unique Pay Period here.