Add a time to this shift for that particular day:

Time Entry: Add a single time entry for a particular day. You can also write a comment against this entry to show on the time sheet.

Leave Entry: Select Leave Entry to add Leave for an employee.  Select the Leave Type and then the Date Range for the Leave.  Leave will only apply to days within the date range that have the Expected option on the Daily Rule associated with that day.  By default Balance of Hours is ticked, this will auto apply the value of Expected work hours scheduled for each day within the date range selected.  If adding leave on a day with short work hours, then Balance of Hours will top up the days hours with the correct leave value to meet the employees expected work hours for the day.

Allowance: Use this option to add a value to any Allowance type paycode to a particular day.  Select your Allowance Type and enter a value to be applied to this allowance.