Shift Setup > Schedules is where you plan out Daily Rules to a Schedule of work, and then apply that to your Employees.

You can click Add to add a new Schedule.  Tick 'Show Archived' to view archived Schedules.  Change the Show drop-down to view more Schedules per page.  

To quickly find a Schedule start typing it's name in the Search bar.


Enter a user-friendly name for the Schedule.

Start Date:

Enter the starting date for this Schedule.  This is very important when planning a 14 day or greater schedule.

Number of Days:

Select the number of days to plan for this rotating schedule.

Schedule Rules:

Assign your Daily Rules to each day using the drop-down selector.  You can plan out different Daily Rules per day.  You can also attribute multiple Daily Rules to a single day, as long as you've configured the Auto-Schedule Time Range on each of the Daily Rules you will be scheduling.

Locations & Departments:

You can assign this Schedule to specific Locations and Departments.  This means that a User Login to Workforce TNA can only see the Schedules that have been assigned to the Locations and Departments that the User has been assigned to.


This shows you which employees are already assigned to this Schedule.  You can also assign employees to this Schedule here by checking the box next to the employee's name.  Note, if you change an employees Schedule and they've already been using Workforce TNA, you will need to use the Reset Shifts option on the time sheet to apply the schedule change.