Shift Setup > Paycodes is where you add all your Ordinary time earnings, Overtime earnings and Allowance type Paycodes.  Allowance paycodes must be first entered here before you can configure any Allowance calculations.

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To add a new Paycode click the Add button and then enter all it's relevant details.


This is the Workforce TNA name of this paycode, and this name will show on your Time Sheets.


An Hours Worked paycode is an Ordinary Hours or Overtime Hours type paycode, that will have worked time attributed to it.  Allowance type is a paycode that will be used on an Allowance calculation.

Payroll Code:

Here is where you define what your payroll software would call this paycode.  This typically needs to be an exact match to the code in your payroll software and is usually best to copy and paste this to ensure it is correct.

Pay Factor:

Some payroll exports require a Pay Factor, or a multiplier of the employee's base rate.  This value will also be used when calculating Gross Pay in a future release of Workforce TNA.

Include in Payroll:

This options indicates whether you would just like to calculate time for this code within Workforce TNA or whether you need that data included in your payroll export.  De-select this if you don't require any time worked to this code to export to payroll.

Is Ordinary Time Paycode?:

Time calculated in Workforce TNA needs to start calculating to an Ordinary Hours (Base/Normal) type code and then flow to any Overtime or Penalty rates.  If adding custom Ordinary/Base/Normal ensure to check this box.  Note, any other type of paycodes added will not have this box checked, otherwise time will not calculate correctly on your time sheets.

Reduce Approved Leave on Shift by Hours Worked:

If this option is enabled it will balance their worked hours with any approved leave they have on the day. For example, if an employee had 7.6 hours of AL on a day and worked 2 hours on that day it will deduct the AL to 5.6hrs and give them 2hrs of the worked pay code.