Shift Setup > Leave allows you to define Leave codes that will be used throughout Workforce TNA.

You can click Add to add a new Leave code.  Tick 'Show Archived' to view archived Leave codes.  Change the Show drop-down to view more Leave codes per page.  

To quickly find a Leave code start typing it's name in the Search bar.


Choose a user-friendly name for the Leave code.  This name will display throughout Workforce TNA.

Payroll Code:

Here is where you define what your payroll software would call this paycode.  This typically needs to be an exact match to the code in your payroll software and is usually best to copy and paste this to ensure it is correct.

Pay Factor:

Some payroll exports require a Pay Factor, or a multiplier of the employee's base rate.  This value will also be used when calculating Gross Pay in a future release of Workforce TNA.

Include in Payroll:

This options indicates whether you would just like to calculate time for this code within Workforce TNA or whether you need that data included in your payroll export.  De-select this if you don't require any time worked to this code to export to payroll.


Leave Type:

Assign the type of leave this new code is.  Some payroll integrations require the correct type to be selected, as this can change the export format.

Annual Leave type will spend an employee's Annual Leave Accrual when used.

Sick Leave type will spend an employee's Sick Leave Accrual when used.

RDO Leave type will spend an employee's RDO Leave Accumulated when used.

Unpaid Leave type can be requested by all employees regardless of Expected Daily rule.

Other Leave type would be used for custom leave, this does not have a balance in WorkforceTNA.

Accrues RDO Earnt:

Check this box if an employee needs to accrue RDO when this leave code is used.

Allow Requests:

Check this box if employees are allowed to request this leave within their Self Service login.