Shift Setup > Allowances is where you configure allowance calculations and assign them to Daily Rules.  An Allowance is a specified value automatically assigned to a Daily Rule once a Day or once a Pay-Period when certain conditions are met.

You can click Add to add a new Allowance.  Tick 'Show Archived' to view archived Allowances.  Change the Show drop-down to view more Allowances per page.  

To quickly find an Allowance start typing it's name in the Search bar.


This is the Workforce TNA name of this Allowance, and this name will show on your Time Sheets.

Payroll Code:

Here is where you define what your payroll software would call this paycode.  This typically needs to be an exact match to the code in your payroll software and is usually best to copy and paste this to ensure it is correct.  An Allowance paycode must first be created under Shift Setup > Paycodes before it will show to select here.


Enter the value to be received as an Allowance.

Allowance Type:

Choose whether this Allowance is received on a Daily basis or on a per Pay-Period basis.

After x Hours:

Enter how many hours an employee would need to work before they receive this Allowance.  The Allowance wont show until this minimum value of hours has been calculated.

Apply on these Rules:

Assign which Daily Rules receive this Allowance.  If you have a shift and some staff work that Daily Rule and don't get an Allowance and others work that Daily Rule and do get an Allowance, then you first need to Duplicate the Daily Rule and assign the Allowance to the right Daily Rule and then Schedule that out and assign to the relevant employees.

Cost Centre Allowance Settings:

Assign which Cost Centres receive this Allowance. If you have some staff that work that cost centre and don't get the allowance and others work that cost centre and do get the allowance you will need to do the same method as "Apply On these Rules" above.