General Settings control various features of your Workforce TNA system throughout all it's different areas.

Time Format:   You can adjust the time format so Work Force TNA will either display your times in 12 hour (03:00am, 03:00pm) or in 24 hours (03:00,15:00).

Hour Format:  You can adjust the hour format so Work Force TNA will either display your total calculation in Hours:Minutes (07:36) or Hours: Hundredths of Hours (07.60)

Transaction Settings:  Minimum time between two clockings (1-20 minutes) 

This is a precautionary rule to stop employees from accidentally clocking in and clocking out in the specified period of time. (Accidental Double Clocking)

Auto Time Sheet Load: If this option is ticked it will Automatically load a time sheet for the employee as soon as you click on the employee name with out having to click on a additional load button.

Pre-empt Next Clock ID:  If this option is ticked it will automatically load the next Clock ID that is available when you add a new employee in Work Force TNA.

Pay Period:   Select the appropriate pay-period and starting date to match your payroll.

Round Pay Period totals to nearest minute: Use this option if you calculate your Daily Rules with no Rounding, but use Hours:Decimals for your totals.  This will ensure the period totals are rounding to the nearest minute in this scenario.

RDO Settings:

RDO settings have to be activated if you're planning on using RDO calculations throughout Work Force TNA.

Hours Cap: This limits an employee to bank only so much hours of RDO/TOIL/TIL.

Auto Balance Hours: Auto Balance works if an employee has worked shorter then the expected shift which it will then take hours out of RDO Earnt and transfer the hours to their Base to make up the short hours.

Allow Negative RDO Balance: This will allow an employee to take an RDO and their Balance will display as a negative number.

RDO Leave Accrues RDO Earnt: When an employee takes an RDO it will still accrue their RDO earnt.