Workforce TNA - Time Clocks

Time clocks in Work Force TNA will display your time clocks that are connected.

Once you or a support technician from Aussie Time Sheets has connected the device to your local network and also connected to your Work Force TNA account it should automatically retrieve your licencing details and display the device on the list below.

Once the clock has been added you're able to select the time clock to change it's display name and allocate the time clock to a specific location which will allow you to control which employee departments are able to be sent and clock from that particular clock you're also able to send commands to the device manually from the below screen. For example manually reboot the device.


If you're adding a device which cannot get a network connection and will be using USB to communicate to WorkForce TNA you will need to click the ADD button display at the top right which will display the screen below.

You just have to add the Time Clock and manually insert your licencing details which you should've received your email via the email that was used to purchased the system.