Locations in Workforce TNA is used to group your Employees and Time Clocks.  Live data sync happens between all employees and their associated locations.

While you may have one physical site, you may prefer to add multiple locations within that site to group employees and clocks, EG 'Site 1 Sales Office' and 'Site 1 Factory Floor' as two location groups.

To view Locations navigate to System Settings > Locations

To add a new location, click Add.  Give the location a name and then type the address in Address Lookup.  Select the correct address and click Save.

IP Address:

You can add the ISP provided External IP address of the site where this location is if you require to restrict Mobile Clocking to that specific site.  Employees phones would need to join the local network at the location to then be able to clock on or off using their smartphone/PC

Time Clocks:

When you've added your Location you will need to specify which Time Clock/s belong to this location.