Users in Workforce TNA is where you have the ability to add additional logins to the application and limit the permissions a particular user will have.

To add additional users you'll need to select the Add button.

Enter all the relevant contact details for the new user.

Is Admin User?: 

This option will give the user login the ability to access the Users section and manipulate other users login details.

If the User is longer required to have access to your system you're able to click the Archived button which will remove the users ability to login and remove the user from the active list.


You will need to click on the Departments Tab when you've added the user and allocate which departments the user has access too.


You will need to also click on the Locations Tab when you've added the user and allocate which locations the user has access too.


The Permissions Tab will need to be modified per user you've added.

It will give the user particular permissions over the whole of Work Force TNA.

Timesheet & Leave Approvals:

Firstly you'll need to define if the user has the ability to Approve and/or Unapprove Time Sheets if you're using this feature.

Manage Time Editing:

This will allow the user access to Time Sheet editing which you can control what permissions the user is able to edit on the Time sheet.

Page Level Access: 

When adding the user you're able to lock down all elements of Workforce TNA to three categories

- View = Are able to view the element though aren't able to make any adjustments.

- Denied = Can't access the element.

- Edit = Full permission over the element, able to edit and modify.