System Settings > Import Data allows you to import relevant data en-mass to the Workforce TNA.  The options that show here will depend on if you have standard payroll exports selected or if you are using PaySync with API integration to your payroll software.

Import with standard  export:

When using a standard payroll file export, you can import Employees and Public Holidays using a spreadsheet.  Each option shows a Download Template link so you can fill in the exact format required.

When importing employees that are new to Workforce TNA, use the Download Template option, fill in all the relevant details and then upload this file using Upload new Import File.  You do not need to check the Overwrite options showing if the employees are not in Workforce TNA already.

If using the Import Employee option to update existing employee details en-mass, then first export your employee data System Settings > Export Data > Export Employee Data.  Update the file that exports and then re-import in System Settings > Import Data > Import Employees.  You can then choose:

Overwrite on Import:

This will ensure any data that is different in your import file to the current data in Workforce TNA is updated.

Overwrite with no data:

This means if there is blank data field in your import file it will overwrite any data in Workforce TNA with a blank value.

Import with PaySync as payroll export:

When you are using PaySync for payroll integration, apart from the same options as above, you also have two more options that don't require a file import.

Request Changed Employee Data From PaySync:

This will retrieve any new employee details from your payroll software via PaySync's API integration with your payroll software.

Request Paycodes From PaySync:

This will retrieve any new paycodes/pay items/leave codes etc from your payroll software via PaySync's API integration with your payroll software.