Here at Aussie Time Sheets we pride ourselves on our Customer Service.  And with over team delivering over 96% positive customer satisfaction, we are always striving to improve and maintain our level of support.

We support the following products under our Aussie Time Sheets Annual Support fee:

Aussie Time Sheets Basic

Aussie Time Sheets Premier

Aussie Time Sheets Workforce TNA

PaySync by Aussie Time Sheets

Aussie Time Clock Kiosk

My Workforce TNA

What our Aussie Time Sheets Annual Support includes:

  • Phone support by our local team
  • Web-chat support by our local team
  • Email support by our local team
  • Remote login support using Team Viewer to your PC or Server for an up to 30 minute session (Focus Enterprise up to 60 minute session)
  • Above support covers all general aspects of tech support:
    • Assistance with how to use the software, configure the software and configure importing/exporting data
    • Software bug reporting, and subsequent updates to resolve those
    • Local network support for time clock hardware
    • Time Clock hardware troubleshooting
    • Assistance to upgrade our software per major release, once per year

Our SLA Policy:

We strive to have all support requests resolved in a timely manner.  Our policy is:

  • All Email and Web Chat requests receive an automated email ticket reply upon receipt of the request
  • All support requests receive a contact response within 2hrs, with most phone calls being answered upon first call
  • A resolution to your support request within 24hrs
  • Where the request is determined to contain a software coding issue whereby our development team need to be involved, then we aim for a resolution within 24-48hrs (Aussie Time Sheets, PaySync and Focus Enterprise)
  • Where the request is for an enhancement to our software, this will be approved through our internal development processes, and if approved scheduled for periodic release depending on software product. 

What our Aussie Time Sheets Annual Support does not include:

  • Full re-configuration of our software
  • Re-installing or migrating our software to another PC or Server (Aussie Time Sheets Premier, Workforce TNA or Focus Enterprise)
  • Adding new employees, schedules and time clocks for additional sites coming on-board after initial installation has been completed
  • Troubleshooting or logging into client WiFi access points, modems or routers not supplied by Aussie Time Sheets
  • Supporting third-party devices or products that have been added to our systems
  • Supporting or troubleshooting client payroll software or third-party software applications that Aussie Time Sheets integrates with
  • Updating client PC software versions (Premier version only)
  • New payroll export formats being added to software, or major enhancements to existing export formats (Focus Enterprise)
  • Custom report creation (Focus Enterprise)
  • Major VB or SQL scripting requirements (Focus Enterprise)
  • Interpretation of Awards and EBA's.

If you would like our Customer Service team to assist with any items listed that are not within the scope of your Annual Support, please use this link to request a quote: Quote for Additional Technical Support

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