Workforce TNA is a web application connected to SQL Database. It may also connect via API to other Payroll/HR applications. This application is provided to customers to install on their I.T infrastructure, it is not sold as a Cloud service controlled by Aussie Time Clocks Pty Ltd. Access to the Workforce TNA application, SQL Database and time clock devices is controlled and secured by the customer.

Web Application:

Workforce TNA is a locally installed IIS web application. This application is installed to our customers Windows Server. Access to the web application is made using a web browser and the connection is forced to be secure HTTPS. Our application can be made available only on the local network or be made accessible via the Internet, however this choice is made by our customers. If a customer chooses to make Workforce TNA available outside their local network, then we encourage the use of strong passwords that are routinely changed.

SQL Database:

Workforce TNA’s data is stored in a locally installed SQL Database Server. This Database is owned and controlled by the customer. Access to the SQL Database is recommended to be controlled by Windows Authentication, however the customer may prefer to add an SQL Login for our application to use. All data stored in the Workforce TNA SQL Database is owned and controlled by the customer.

Aussie Time Clocks Pty Ltd may obtain database backups to provide technical support or enhancement testing. These backups are stored securely in cloud storage. Aussie Time Clocks Pty Ltd can provide copies if the backup databases on file to the customer upon request and can also permanently delete all databases held in cloud storage within 7 days of receiving a written request by the customer.

Passwords stored in the SQL Database are encrypted, as is all biometric data.

Data within the SQL Database can be permanently deleted by the customer at any stage.

Time Clock:

The Workforce TNA time clock devices store all data locally within their flash memory. The time clock device and its stored data is owned and controlled by the customer. The time clock data is transmitted to the customers Workforce TNA application via HTTPS or via a USB drive that has securely obtained the data direct from the time clock itself. The menu of the time clock is secured to a Supervisors login credentials.

Biometric data on the time clock is encrypted by the time clock device using a proprietary one-way algorithm. This fingerprint or facial recognition scan is taken, converted to binary code, then encrypted and stored as an encrypted data string. The entire image of a fingerprint or face scan is not saved, nor could it be reproduced from the data collected, only unique points taken during enrolment could be produced.

The facial recognition device also captures a User Profile Photo and attaches this to the employees’ profile on the time clock and Workforce TNA application. This User Profile Photo is stored within the time clock and the SQL Database. This image can be deleted from both the time clock and Workforce TNA, while still keeping all other associated user data, and not affect use of the time clocks normal functions.

When an employee is Archived within the Workforce TNA application, their user data is removed off all time clocks automatically. However, this data is retained within the SQL Database until a customer chooses to manually remove this data.

All data stored on the time clock device can be permanently deleted by the customer at any stage.