Workforce TNA can give employees the ability to use Web Clocking - logging an electronic clocking using any networked device

When you log in for the first time, your device may ask you to Allow Location. You will need choose Allow.

Before an employee can do that, a Workforce Administrator will need to set up Web Clocking permissions in the employee's profile in Workforce. Once that is done, the employee simply follows these steps:

1. Type the Workforce URL into the address bar of any Browser to log into Workforce on any networked device (If you can't access Workforce from your device, contact your IT department) 

2. Log on using your employee log in credentials (If you are unsure of those, contact your Admin department)

3.  If you have been given Web Clocking permission, you will see this -

4. You can add a comment in the Comment window which your manager will see (optional)

5. Simply click or tap on the green Log Time button

NOTE: The exact same procedure is followed whether you are logging a Start, Break, or Finish clocking

If successful, you will see a confirmation message like this -

Then simply click on the Exit button to log out -