To set up users for clocking in on a timeclock with a fingerprint scanner, you will need to register their fingerprints.

Registering a fingerprint template requires interaction with both the timeclock and your uAttend account. First, follow these steps on your timeclock:


1.  Press the Menu key.

2.  Enter the default password (53178), if it has not been changed, and press OK.

3.  From the timeclock menu, select the first option, User Management.

4.  Select Add User.

5.  When prompted, enter a 6-digit numeric ID code for the fingerprint template.

You can set a new ID code for each fingerprint or use the system-generated ID codes. We recommend using the user’s birth date as an ID code. For example, a birthdate of October 22, 1984 would be registered as “102284.” Each template must be assigned a unique code.
6.  When prompted, the user should press their finger firmly on the sensor until you hear a beeping sound. The user should then remove their finger from the sensor. This process will be repeated two more times with the same finger.

     a. To achieve a high quality scan of the fingerprint you want to ensure that you have a large amount of your finger on the scanner at the time. Aim to have the first knuckle join of your finger meet with the bottom line of the fingerprint scanner. See picture below for a guide on how far to insert your fingerprint onto the scanner.

     b. You will see a quality indicator bar when scanning each fingerprint. Achieving quality levels below 80 is not optimal and may cause difficulty logging on and off in the future when making clocking's. If you are unhappy with the quality reads when scanning on the final scan you will read a message "Enrolled successful, Press OK to upload" press the " ESC " key and repeat steps 5 and 6 again. 

NOTE:  If you wish, you can repeat the fingerprint scanning process for the same user with a different finger, so that they can have a back-up template. If you choose to scan a second fingerprint, it will also require a unique fingerprint ID. We recommend using the user’s birthdate in reverse order as the ID code.

Next, follow these steps from your uAttend account:

1.  Click the Settings tab on the main menu.

2.  Click the Clocking Management link.

3.  Click the Assign Users link that  appears next to the name of the timeclock that you used to register the fingerprint templates.

4.  Assign the fingerprint template to the user.

5.  To confirm that the scan was successful, you can click the Users tab, select the user's name from the list, and scroll to Clocking Management. You should see the Fingerprint ID's registered, indicating that the scan was successful.


IMPORTANT:  Our timeclocks use an advanced fingerprint sensor. Despite the quality of the sensor, there is a segment of the population with fingerprints that will not record. These users can still use the timeclocks to punch in and out by using a PIN. For more information, see Setting Up Users for PIN Code Clocking.


Transferring Fingerprint Templates to Other Timeclocks

Transferring a fingerprint template to additional timeclocks requires interaction with both the timeclock and your uAttend account.

Follow these steps from your uAttend account:

1.  Click the Users tab on the main menu.

2.  Click the Manage Fingerprint Templates link.

3.  Check all of the fingerprint templates that you wish to transfer to an additional timeclock.

4.  Use the drop-down menu to select the timeclock(s) to which you wish to transfer the templates.

5.  Click Submit.


Follow these steps on each timeclock that you selected to receive the templates:


1.  Press the Menu key.

2.  Enter the default password (53178) if it has not been changed, then press OK.

3.  The User Management icon will be highlighted. Press OK.

4.  Scroll to select Download Templates, using the down arrow key.

5.  Press OK.

6.  Wait for the templates to download to the timeclock.


7.  At the Success screen, press OK.