Batch reports allow you to see the details of timecard data, whereas timecard reports show an overview. You can run batches for as many employees as you wish.

To run a batch report, follow these steps: 

1.  Click the Reports tab on the main menu.

2.  Click Batch Report from the Reports dashboard. 

3.  Check the departments and users for whom you want data.


  • By default, all departments will be checked. To clear the check marks, you must uncheck the check box at the top. Then you can select individual departments for which you want to run the report. 
  • With the Employee Type option you can view active, archived, or both types of employees, click on the drop-down and select either archive only or both to show archive employees on their own or along with the active employees. Only employees with punches on the pay period selected will show up in the batch report. 

4.  If you wish to view data for an individual user, click the plus sign (+) to the right of the user's name.

5.  If you wish to print the batch, click Print Batch. A PDF file of the batch will print.

6.  If you wish to email the batch to yourself or someone else, enter the email address in the field next to Email Batch, then click Email Batch. A PDF file of the batch will be emailed.