ZKTime Net 3.0 Activation Guide

1.On the right top of the interface you can see a configuration icon, choose license.

2.It will prompt a windows which was used to activate, first choose the activation file.

Note: the  filename must be end of  ‘-SN.xml’

3.you can choose ‘register online’ and ‘register offline’, if choose ‘register offline’, you should click ‘download’ to download upk first, after the file was save local, it will prompt ‘operation successful’

4.Send your upk file to the sales, they will help you to get a license file

Note: the  filename must be end of  ‘-License.xml’

5. when you activate successful, it will prompt

And when you choose the ‘register online’, the activation information included ‘company’ and’ mail address’ need enter.

When activate successfully, it will prompt permission allowed.

The latest version of all software offered by ZKTeco can be found below; 

Click here to download the version of your ZKTime software

If you are still unable to activate your licence code, copy your unique product key and email it to support@aussietimesheets.com.au