How to access your UPK code

1. ) Firstly open your ZKTime.Net software and login 

2. ) Once logged into the software, in the top right hand corner of the software click the button that says " License" 

3. ) This will cause a popup box to open that contains your UPK code and all current licence information (if any). 

Should you require a new or renewal on your Licence code please follow the steps below. 

4.1 ) You can click the button to the left of the UPK code that says "copy" or highlight the code and press " Ctrl + C " to copy the code. 

4.2 ) Once copied please paste the code in an email to " " Please ensure to include your Company name and Contact Information

4.3 ) A member of the Licence activation team will reply to your email shortly with your Licence code. 

    NOTE: Licence activation requests can take up to 48 hours.

If you would like to upgrade your licence to allow more employees and more devices please visit " " for pricing and information on ZKTime software.