The General icon is where you will set certain system-wide settings for your ATS-Basic Software.

Time Format:

Select how you'd like the time that will display on the Time Sheets and Reports to display as 12 hr or 24 hr time.

Hour Format:

Select how you'd like the calculated hours on the Time Sheets and Reports to display.

Transaction Setting:

This setting stops the possibility of duplicate clockings, eg an employee clocking twice within the same minute.  You can adjust this setting to ignore all times logged for a certain number of minutes after a time is clocked at the time clock.

Auto Time Sheet Load:

With this option ticked the Time Sheets area will auto load information without having to select the Load button.

Auto Find Clocks:

With this option ticked the application will automatically try to find clocks that are within the same company network.

Employee Settings:

Pre-empt Next Clock ID is selected by default.  With this option enabled, when you add a new employee to the software, the system will auto-assign them the next available number along in your employee numbering sequence.

Pay Period Settings:

Choose your pay-period frequency from the drop-down selector, and then the Start Date for your pay-period.  In ATS-Basic this will then format your reports and payroll exports to match your Pay Period.  In ATS-Premier your Pay Period Time Sheet view will also use this setting.

RDO Settings: (only available in ATS-Premier version)


ATS-Premier version has the ability to calculate and track RDO/TIL/TOIL/ADO/Flextime. Check the box to enable this feature here. You can also specify the maximum value of hours an employee can accumulate. Use the Auto Balance Hours features for TOIL or Flextime to automatically spend accumulated time if work hours are short on a particular day, the balance will be made up to standard hours from the accumulated time. Subtract Short Time from Base will subtract the Expected RDO Earnt as specified in your Daily Rule from Base hours regardless of the Expected Standard Hours setting adding it to your RDO Balance.

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