The Download icon is where you can pull clocking data across to ATS Basic, either from a networked clock or from a USB drive.

Downloading from a networked clock

First, make sure that the clock/s you want to download times from are checked on the list on the left-hand side.

Then, tick 'Download Over Network' and press the 'Download' button to start downloading the clockings.

As the clockings download and process, you should see text appear to the left of the progress bar, showing several different messages depending on the progress of the download.

Section 2: Download VIA USB

To get the data off the clock onto a USB go to - ATS-Face How to download attendance data to USB Drive

In the software, you will need to Select Download VIA USB and click 'Download' go to the Path where the USB is located.

Usually, you can select MY COMPUTER and it will show as Removable Disk.

Once you have located the file you will need to highlight it and press OPEN which will automatically begin the download.

You will notice a process bar appear which will display completed, once done.

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