Aussie Time Sheets - Basic has a number of key reports available to make reporting on Attendance or for Payroll easy.

Current reports available are:

  • Audit Reports: Reports on the audit trail of changes made in ATS Basic by software user login.
  • Who's In Report:  See who is onsite today or who has left already.  Based on the employees Start and Finish times, break times will not show here.
  • Clocking Report:  This is an audit trail of the exact time that has been logged at all time clocks connected, before any edits have been made.
  • Payroll Summary Report:  This is a summary of total work hours by pay-code for the date range selected.  Commonly used to then enter this simple, calculated data into payroll software manually.
  • Time Sheet Report:  A fully calculated time sheet report, showing all in/out times logged, totals by pay-code and comments made on the time sheet.
  • Leave Report:  A summary of all leave taken for the given date range.
  • Employee Information Report:  A summary of the employee information within the ATS Basic software.  Includes contact information, as well as their clock information such as number of fingerprints or their RFID card ID.

To run a Report, select the report on the left you require.  You will then have applicable options to filter this report via Date / Department / or Employee.  Then click Load Report to display the report onscreen.

You can now export this report to a .csv file to view it in Excel as a data report.

Or you can Export To PDF to then save as a PDF report or print the report.

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