Aussie Time Sheets - Basic has a number of key reports available to make reporting on Attendance or for Payroll easy.

Current reports available are:

  • Audit Reports: Reports on the audit trail of changes made in ATS Basic by software user login.
  • Clocking - Raw Data Report:  This is an audit trail of the exact time that has been logged at all time clocks connected, before any edits have been made.
  • Employee Information Report:  A summary of the employee information within the ATS Basic software.  Includes contact information, as well as their clock information such as the number of fingerprints or their RFID card ID.
  • Exceptions Report: A summary of flagged clockings such as Late Starts, Early Finishes, Extended Breaks, Overtime.
  • Leave Report:  A summary of all leave taken for the given date range.
  • Payroll Summary Report:  This is a summary of total work hours by pay-code for the date range selected.  Commonly used to then enter this simple, calculated data into payroll software manually.
  • Payroll - Average Hours: This will show the average hours an employee works per day.
  • Productivity Report: A summary of expected work hours and cost to actual work hours and cost. 
  • Time Sheet Report:  A fully calculated time sheet report, showing all in/out times logged, totals by pay-code and comments made on the timesheet.
  • Who's In Report:  See who is onsite today or who has left already.  Based on the employees Start and Finish times, break times will not show here.

To run a Report, select the report on the left you require.  You will then have applicable options to filter this report via Date / Department / or Employee.  Then click Load Report to display the report onscreen.

You can now export this report to a .csv file to view it in Excel as a data report.

Or you can Export To PDF to then save as a PDF report or print the report.

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