ATS Basic can export your calculated time sheets in a format to then import to selected payroll software.

The exports prepare the time sheet data, the employee number / payroll code / date etc, in the correct format for the selected payroll software.  Some setup is required, the employee payroll number or payroll code to export need to be correct in ATS Basic before the export will work correctly.

Before you export to your selected payroll software:

  • Confirm the Payroll Code assigned to each Pay Code in ATS Basic matches your Payroll Code names in your Payroll Software
  • Confirm the Employee  Payroll ID assigned to each Employee in ATS Basic matches their Payroll Number in your Payroll Software.

To export to your selected payroll software:
  • Select the Department and or the Employees you'd like to export
  • Select your Export Type, choose your payroll software format
  • Select the date range you need to export, then click Show Data
  • Click the Export button, and save the export file where you can easily access it from your Payroll Software
  • Import the file you export into your Payroll Software as per your payroll software providers instructions

This solution is referencing the Aussie Time Sheets - Basic | Simple Time and Attendance Software, for more information please visit: