ATS Basic features an inbuilt web Support Portal.

To get the most out of this support portal, please click 'Sign Up' and create a support login.  When you then Login to the support portal with your details, check 'Remember me on this computer' to then have quick access to your support tickets within your support portal.

From this support portal you can:

  • Search for and view online help articles for the software
  • Log a support ticket
  • Check the status of your support tickets
  • View our phone number for direct support over the phone
  • Download our Remote Support file so our technicians can log in and support your computer directly
  • Web Chat with a technician

This support portal is constantly being updated, so check back here anytime to view new help guides and how-tos.

This solution is referencing the Aussie Time Sheets - Basic | Simple Time and Attendance Software, for more information please visit: