There are two pays to assign a PIN code to an employee.


Setting up the PIN at the Timeclock:

To do this at the timeclock. 

1. Go to the Menu.

2. Select User Management.

3. Select All Users.

4. Select the Employee

5. Press Edit.

6. Select Password (May need to scroll with arrow keys)

7. Enter PIN

8. Press Ok to save.

Setting up the PIN in ATS:

1. In Aussie Time Sheets. Go to Setup.

2. Employees

3. Select the employee.

4. Clocking Tab.

5. Enter a Clock Pin Code.

6. Press save.

7. Go to the Details Tab.

8. Then click 'upload' to upload the password to the clock.

For an employee to use their PIN at the timeclock they will enter their Clock ID -> Press OK -> Enter their PIN -> Press Ok.

(An employee's Clock ID can be found in their details tab when in Aussie Time Sheets.)

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