So that Aussie Time Sheets can push to Xero with no errors, there are 3 area's that need to be configured after you have followed our solutions to link Aussie Time Sheets to PaySync to Xero.

1) Configure your pay-period.  Xero requires the exact date range of your Xero pay-period to be pushed for timesheets and leave.  Configure your pay-period in Aussie Time Sheets here, Setup > General > Pay-Period Settings:

2) Ensure your employee names are spelled correctly.  Xero matches employee by their name, not their payroll number.  So double-check the employee names in Aussie Time Sheets match your Xero employee names exactly, Setup > Employees:

3) Match your Aussie Time Sheets paycodes with your Xero paycodes.  For both Xero Leave and Xero Earnings Rates, the name of the paycodes in Xero need to match what they are called in Aussie Time Sheets.  In Aussie Time Sheets, navigate to Setup > Pay Codes.  The Description field is what Aussie Time Sheets knows this pay code as, the Payroll Code field is what Xero calls this code, ensure all the code names match:

After those 3 steps are completed you are good to go!

After you push your data to PaySync under Reports > Payroll, look out for any emails from PaySync regarding the status of your data flowing to Xero.  Any items that need to be adjusted will be included on that email, or if all good a confirmation email will be received too.

This solution is referencing the Aussie Time Sheets - PaySync Software, for more information please visit: