Workforce TNA has the ability to calculate the Gross pay totals of an employee which will reflect on the employee’s timesheets and reports. 


To enable gross totals in Workforce the user will have to enable the ability to access pay rates which can be found in their User Profile under the Permissions tab.



Once the user has permissions the next step would be to add the base rate of the employee’s which can be done on the employee profile. You can add the employee’s pay rates by mass using the Import Employee function in Workforce TNA as well.








Now that Workforce TNA knows the employees Base Rate you will need to go into each individual pay code hourly rates or leave and add in the Pay Factor which is the multiplicative of the Base rate of pay in the employee’s profile. The base hourly will be a Pay Factor of 1.0000 and typically Overtime 1.5 would be 1.5000 and Overtime 2 is 2.0000. 


When adding the Pay Factor for an Allowance rather than a multiplication this is strictly the dollar value for each unit of allowance that is added or calculated on the timesheet.







Once all pay rates and factors have been added you can go into the Timesheets of the employees you will see under the total hours a dollar value.

When loading a report to see the Gross totals you will need to make sure you select Include Pay Rates.

Other Reports where Pay Rates are displayed is: 

  • Timesheet Summary
  • Payroll Summary Report  
  • Productivity Report