You can add or view all leave and work schedules using the Scheduling feature

 To access that, click on Scheduling, then choose either Department view or Employee view -

NOTE: We will focus on the Department view. However, the functionality is similar in Employee view. 

To see the Scheduling Calendar for an entire Department:

  1. Choose the Department you wish to view (you will only see the departments your log in allows)
  2. You can choose to see either just Leave, the Scheduled Rules, or both
  3. You can also filter by Leave Type
  4. Hit the green Load button to see the Scheduling Calendar – 


On the Scheduling Calendar you can:

  1. See each employee’s name – their shift for any day can be seen by simply hovering  the mouse over their name -

  2. See any Public Holidays that have been entered into Workforce
  3. See any leave for each of the employees in that department
    NOTE – Different types of leave can be colour-coded for easy reference. However, only approved leave will be shown.

    If a day has more than 3 entries, that day can be expanded by clicking on the expand button 
    at the bottom of the list of names for that day - 

  4. Add leave directly on the Scheduling Calendar simply by double-clicking on an empty space on the date
    E.g. Double-clicking here   
    will bring up this Leave window –

     From here, choose:
    1. Employee
    2. Leave Type
    3. Date range
    4. Deselect All Day to add a part day
    5. Add a Comment if you wish
    6. Upload a document
    7. Hit Save

  5. Edit an existing leave entry by double-clicking on the leave
    E.g. Double-clicking here will bring up this window –
     From here, you can edit:
    1. Leave Status
    2. Leave Type
    3. Date range
    4. Add a Comment
    5. Upload a document