You will see these options on the Home Screen -


1.  Choose View Timesheet from the Home screen - 

        Or you can choose My Timesheet from the Menu -


2.  The default pay period will be the current one.

However, you can choose to see any past or future pay period by tapping on the drop-down menu, 

and then hitting the View Timesheet button - 


3.  There are 2 different views you can choose - 


            i. Hours Worked

            ii. Clocking Times

i. Hours Worked View:

        This is the default view - 

In this view, you will see:

        i. Total hours worked for each pay code

        ii. All break hours deducted

        iii. Any Leave for the pay period

        iv. Any comments added by your manager - E.g. "Have a great time"

To change to the Clocking Times view, tap on the Show In/Out Times button - 

ii. Clocking Times View:

        In this view you will see all your clocking times -

Anything showing in red has been flagged as an Exception

    Exceptions may include:

        i. Clocking in Late

        ii. Clocking out Early

        iii. Missed clocking from previous day

        iv. Generated overtime

Your manager will address those Exceptions prior to the end of the current pay period.

Please let them know if you have any questions about any Exceptions on your timesheet.