Workforce TNA - Employee’s clocking via Mobile APP

To enable an employee to clock in/out via our Workforce TNA mobile application you will need to go into the employee’s profile in Workforce TNA. Once you’re in their user profile you will need to navigate to the clocking tab. You will need to provide the employee with an Employee Portal Password which will be used to login to the app as well as their Payroll number which you can find on the details tab.

To give the employee permission to clock on via the Mobile App you will need to tick the Allow App Clocking checkbox as well as you can select a couple of other checkboxes which work with the application.

Allow Offline Clocking will allow the employee to clock on if they have no access to the internet and it will cache their clocking in the app and once, they’ve reconnected to the internet it will push their clocking’s to Workforce TNA.

View Time Sheet will allow an employee to access their timesheet and remotely see their clocking’s in the app though it will not allow the employee to edit or modify their timesheet.

Restrict Web Clocking to Location can force the employee to only clock in/out around proximity of the location they’re assigned to in Workforce. Under System Settings > Locations you can add a location EG: The employee’s home address and Restrict the clocking to within distance from the location and make a Geofence Range of 50 meters or so it will not allow the employee to clock unless they're at home.


Once you’ve made the changes you can press the Save button and it will allow the employee to now use the Workforce TNA App.



The employee will now need to go on their Phone and browse either to the Playstore or APP store depending if they have an Android or Apple device and download the Workforce TNA APP by Aussie Timesheets.

Once it’s installed the app will request the URL of the website which you will need to provide to the employee, for example, the employee does not have to type in the https:// etc though if you have a :3332 number after they will need to type in that.


After they’ve typed in the URL they can go ahead and log in to the app using their Payroll number and password you’ve provided them, the employee will then get a prompt to allow Workforce to use their Location etc which the employee will have to allow for WorkforceTNA to work.


Once this is all done the employee can go ahead and click on Log Time which it will display their current address and the time they’re clocking and can go ahead and click Log time.