ATS Premier – Employee’s clocking via Web Clocking


To configure employee’s to clock on via the ATS Premier’s Web Clocking function you can arrange a technician to assist with the installation as It requires an installation of Internet information services and a couple of additional services to be installed on the computer that is also hosting Aussie timesheets Premier.

If the website is already installed, you can configure an employee to clock in at home by first logging into Aussie timesheets – Premier and setting up employee access to login from the web portal.

Select the employee that needs to clock outside of work and go to the clocking tab and supply the employee with a Web Password which needs to be a strong password that is 7 digits long and contains both a symbol and a number. Though if you only create a password which is 1234 when the employee log’s in for the first time it will ask them to change their password to a stronger one anyways.



Once you’ve added the WebPassword and hit save you will have to supply the employee with the website name, their Payroll number and their Web Password.

For Example:

Payroll Number: 113

Password: !Password12


Once the employee opens the Web portal they can type in their username and password and select login.

Which will then allow the employee to log time against their Geolocation and the current time.