Scheduling your workplace weekly roster

You can manage your workplace roster using the Scheduling feature

 To access your schedule click on Scheduling, then choose Scheduling

To see the Scheduling Calendar your workplace

  1. Choose your Week you wish to schedule ( You can only schedule Weekly periods )
  2. Choose the Department you wish to view (you will only see the departments your log in allows)
  3. You can choose to sort by First Name, Last Name, Department Name.
  4. Hit the green Load button to view your Schedule.

On your Weekly Schedule you can manage your staffs shifts to accommodate your workload and weekly budget.

All shifts will already display for your staff that have a fixed schedule. The employee's who are displaying blank should be your casual staff who will be required to schedule.    

To add shifts to your schedule you will need to select the Green plus on the date you wish to schedule the employee to work.

You will then have to input the employee's Start time and Finish Time of the shift. It will automatically apply the employee's default shift for that day though it can be changed here if the employee needs to have different Overtime calculations to their default shift etc.

A Key setting with Scheduling is what to do with Unscheduled hours. By Default WorkforceTNA will treat the schedule as flexible shift so it will calculate what the employee signs on and off and add up the total base hours etc. Though if you would like to separate unscheduled hours to an additional pay code you will have to Enable Unscheduled Hours in System Settings - General.