Cost Centres allow the setup and management of Job Codes which can integrate with payroll or be used to help create cost management reports.

To begin setup go to Shift Setup > Cost Centres on the left navigation panel. (The Cost Centres name may be renamed to suit your company. If it has been, you will see the new name in the menu.)

To add a new Cost Centre click "Add" at the top right of the page.

General Tab

Name: This will display the Cost Centre in reports and timesheets.

Code: Will be pushed through to reports, timesheets, payroll and shown on timeclocks. Only accepts numbers.

Alphanumeric Code (Optional): If this is being used it will take priority over "Code" however will not be shown on Fingerprint, Face and FOB timeclocks but it will still send to reports, timesheets and payroll.

Paycodes Tab

If you want to Override pre-existing paycodes with a custom paycode for hours worked on this cost centre.

Locations Tab

You will be able to select which locations will be able to use and see the Cost Centre, this applies to any timeclocks and employees assigned to the location. Leaving all boxed unchecked, will apply the cost centre to all Locations.

Employees Tab

Selecting employees on this cost centre will change their Default Cost Centre to the one selected. To make this Cost Centre available for an employee to select. Use the Location Tab.

Note you can change an employee's default Cost Centre by going to the T & A tab on the employee's profile.

All clockings by that employee will use their default Cost Centre unless manually changed by the employee, admin or timeclock.

Cost Centre Priority

The order below shows how the system prioritises when systems use different Cost Centres. The higher the number the more priority it has.

3. User Selection

If an employee manually punches in with a different Cost Centre. This will override all lower priority Cost Centre settings. Or an timesheet manager can change the Cost Centres on the timesheets. This is the highest priority choice.

2. Time Clock / Location

If a timeclock or location has a Cost Centre assigned the system will use that. This will override the employee's default Cost Centre.

1. Employee Default Cost Centre

The system will use this if an employee has a default Cost Centre assigned to them. This setting means that employees typically will not need to choose a Cost Centre when clocking.