While waiting for the licencing process to be finalised, there is something that needs to be done in preparation.

The Aussie Time Sheets Kiosk app may automatically be locked down with access only by a Supervisor – called a Super Admin user.
So, before connecting the Kiosk to your Workforce application, you will need to make an employee a Super Admin user.

                To do that:

  1. Open your Workforce TNA application.

  2. Open the Employees menu and select the name of a person you want to be one of the Super Admin users – you can have as many kiosk Super Admin users as you like.

    These are the users who will have access to the Admin features in the Kiosk app

  3. In the Clocking tab for that person:
    1. Enter a 4-digit PIN in the Clock Password field

    2. Change their Clock Privileges from NormalUser to SuperAdmin

  4. Hit Save

  5. Make a note of that employee’s payroll number and 4-digit PIN.
    You will need that to be able to access the Admin features of your Kiosk app.

    NOTE: You will also need to know the Default Location of this employee as that is the location the Kiosk needs to be tagged to. More on that later.