When the licencing has been finalised by Aussie Time Sheets, you will be able to add your Kiosk to Workforce.

You should receive an email notifying you that the licence has been created.

Once you get that email, open the Kiosk app.

You will see that you need to enter the Kiosk Web Portal URL

                This is the same as your Workforce URL for a webpage

                                However you don’t need to add the prefix – https://

                                                But you will need the colon and numbers at the end, if they are there.

NOTE: Allow any permissions that pop up.

To see if it has been setup successfully, open your Workforce TNA application and go to System Settings > Time Clocks.

            You should see your Kiosk showing like this - 


If you don’t see it showing, please check that the above steps have been done correctly.
If they have, please contact our tech support team for assistance.

Once you see the Kiosk showing here, click on the Name and make the following adjustments:

  1. You can rename this Kiosk to something more meaningful, like Office, Warehouse, Brisbane, etc.
    Renaming your Kiosk is optional, however, it is useful if you have more than one.

  2. Change the Location to be the same as the default Location of the employee who was made the SuperAdmin.
    This step is necessary for the names to be uploaded to the Kiosk ready for the face scanning process.
    You will be prompted to confirm that you want to change the location.
  3. Simply click OK to proceed.
    NOTE: All other employees who are tagged to this location will also be uploaded.

  4. Hit Save Time Clock

Saving the location will prompt Workforce TNA to remove any existing names on the Kiosk and upload the names tagged to its location.

You are now ready to begin the face scanning process.