Before you can start the face scanning process, you will need to access the Admin features of the Kiosk app.

At the Kiosk:

  1. Open the Aussie Time Sheets Kiosk app
  2. Tap on the ‘hamburger’ menu on the Home screen -  


        3. Since there are no face scans yet, you will need to access the menu using the SuperAdmin employee’s payroll                     number and 4-digit PIN that you set up earlier.


                                    a. Tap on the Use Pin-code button -


b. Enter the payroll number and Pin-code you setup earlier, and tap on Proceed

                                c. You will then have access to the main Admin menu

If that doesn’t work, check steps 4 & 5 above to make sure that employee is set to SuperAdmin and that they are set to the same location as the Kiosk. Contact our tech support team if you need assistance.


                                        d. Tap on the Employees menu

                                            You will see a list of all the names that have been uploaded to the Kiosk

                                            Either scroll or search for the name of the SuperAdmin person and tap on the edit icon 

                                            to enter their profile - 


NOTE: If you can't  see the name of the Employee you want to scan, and you are sure they have been added to Workforce TNA, you may need to do a manual Retrieval of Employees.

To do that, go into the Admin menu in the Kiosk and tap on Settings > Retrieve All Employees

Then go back to the Employee menu and you should see the name you want.

NOTE: This is also the way you can sync face scans between Kiosks, if you have more than one.

                                        e. In the Employee’s profile, tap on the photo frame to start the face scanning process



                                      f. When you are happy with the image, tap on the tick button to take the photo


                                        g. The final step is to crop the image.

                                            Try to get image cropped and sized like the example below


                                        h. Hit the tick button to Save the cropped image


                                         i. Finally, hit the blue Save button

The Employee profile is now completed and ready to use.