To grant an employee profile permission to access the timeclock menu.

1. Login to your WorkforceTNA user account.

2. Click Employees

3. Click the Employee who needs menu access.

4. Select the Clockings Tab. Change their Clock Privilege's to "Super Admin"

The employee profile is required to have a PIN/Fingerprint/Face scan enrolled as they will not be able to access the menu without it.

ATS-Fingerprint How to enrol a fingerprint at the time clock

ATS-Face How to enrol a face scan for an employee

To assign a Pin. Enter a number in the Clock Password field and click Save (Max PIN Length 8).

6. Note down the Profiles Clock ID in the Details tab.

7. At the Timeclock. Press the Ok/Menu button. Enter the Clock ID, press Ok, enter the PIN, press Ok. You should then have access to the menu. 

(If you have fingerprint or face enrolled you will just need to press the OK/Menu button and then scan your face/fingerprint.)

If the timeclock is offline please follow these steps.

1. At the timeclock hold the Esc button for 5 seconds and let go. It will show the Serial Number at the bottom.

(Serial Number can also be found by going to System Settings > Timeclocks > Select Timeclock.)

2. Email requesting a temp password and provide the Serial Number.

3. Support will email a temporary passwords that will last for 4 days.