NOTE 1: Workforce uses the term Cost Centres for worked hours to be costed against certain codes. In the clock's menu, these are called Work Codes.

NOTE 2: Before Cost Centres can be used when clocking, they must first have been set up in your Time and Attendance application. Click on this link to see how to do that - Workforce TNA - Cost Centres, General : Aussie Time Sheets - Workforce TNA 

NOTE 3: This setup is to set Cost Centres up as mandatory - meaning that employees' clockings won't be verified unless they choose a Cost Centre after scanning. 

Once Cost Centres have been set up in Workforce and uploaded to the clock, you will need to make changes to the clock's settings before employees can use them.

At the clock:

1. Press the M/OK button to enter the menu.

(If you see a padlock, someone with Super Admin permission will need to access the menu)

2. Once in the Menu, select Work Code - 

3. Then select Work Code Options - 

4. Turn the Work Code Required option to ON - 

5. Hit the ESC button until you get back to the blue home screen.

Now employees will need to choose from the list of Cost Centres each time they clock.


1.     When clocking on for work, choose the Cost Centre you will be working on.

TIP: When you see the list of Cost Centres just start typing the number code you're looking for. The list will get shorter as you type until you see the one you need.

2. When changing Cost Centres, choose the next Cost Centre you will be working on by simply repeating Step 1.

NOTE: You only need to clock once to change Cost Centres. Choosing a different one from the previous clocking will automatically change the Cost Centre.

3. When you are finishing work - either for a break or at the end of your shift - simply clock by using the same Cost Centre as the previous clocking. 

Please contact our tech support team if you need help setting up Cost Centres on your clock.