This article will include the process of how to create a User Role within Aussie Time Sheets Workforce TNA. 

User Roles are used to manage the user profiles within Workforce. This includes;

  • User Permissions
  • Department Access
  • Location Access
  • Cost Centre Access
  • Menu Access Controls

Examples of common User Roles to create:

  • Payroll Officer
  • HR Manager
  • Site Managers
  • Department Managers
  • Supervisors 
  • Team Leaders

How to Create a User Role:

On the left pane click System Settings then click User Roles. The User Roles page will open.

Click Add. A new User Role profile will open.

Input User Role Name.

Toggle on the appropriate Authentication / Access permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate Timesheets and Scheduling permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate Leave and Leave Request permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate Time Editing permissions.

Click the Departments tab. The Departments page tab open.

Toggle on the appropriate Department permissions.

Click the Locations tab. The Location page tab open.

Toggle on the appropriate Location permissions.

Click the Cost Centres tab. The Cost Centres page tab open.

Toggle on the appropriate Cost Centres permissions.

Important note: A ticked Cost Centre will be removed from all other user roles that does not have the same one ticked

Click the Menu Access tab. The Menu Access tab will open.

Toggle on the appropriate Dashboard panel permissions. 

Toggle on the appropriate Employee profile tab permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate Time Sheets permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate Scheduling page permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate Report access permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate Insights menu permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate Payroll menus permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate Resources menu permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate Communication menu permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate Shift Setup menus permissions.

Toggle on the appropriate System Settings menus permissions.

Select Save