Here you can configure Email, Web, and/or Browser Notifications for your Users to occur when certain conditions are triggered within Workforce, a few examples would be when an Employee Clocks In Late, Clocks Out Early, or submits a Leave Request.





The Name of the Notification that you are configuring, it should be easily identifiable for Users when they receive the Notification.




Notification Type

Here you will select the Notification Type that you want Users to be alerted about when certain events occur for Employees within your Workforce account.




Notification Conditions

Notification Conditions are only relevant for certain Notification Types and will vary depending on the Notification Type selected, for example;

When configuring an Overtime Notification, you will specify which Daily Rules you want the Notification to be relevant for as well as the Users that will receive the Notification.

When configuring an Employee Has Requested Leave Notification there will only be filtering to select the relevant Users

Note - The Users filter will be relevant on each User Notification to determine who receives the Notification as well as what staff they will be notified about, depending on the User Role/s they have been assigned.

For more information about how to configure User Roles, please click here - Helpdesk : Aussie Time Sheets